SnapsBoard Accounts

How can I join SnapsBoard service?

You can join SnapsBoard service by signing up using one of the following options:

1) Sign up with your Facebook account.

2) Sign up directly with your email address.

3) Sign up directly with your mobile phone number.

Just click on Sign Up button on the first screen. App will guide you through the sign up process. Signing up generally takes 45 seconds or less time.

I created a SnapsBoard account with email address, but haven't received verification code in email yet.

1) Please make sure you are using a valid email address that you own and have access to.

2) Check your spam folder just in case your email system directed SnapsBoard email to the spam folder.

3) In many cases emails delivery is delayed by several minutes depending on your email service provider. We have observed Yahoo emails sometimes taking upwards of 10 minutes to deliver.

How can I change my password?

If you would like to change your password, just click on 'Forgot Password' button on Sign In page. It will send you a code to your registered email or mobile phone number that you can use to change your password.

I have created a SnapsBoard account, but unable to login to SnapsBoard application.

1) Please make sure you have created your SnapsBoard account with a valid email address or a mobile phone number that you own and have access to. Please ensure your email address or mobile phone number is verified by SnapsBoard application.

2) If you believe you had successfully created a SnapsBoard account, but unable to login, you can consider changing your password.

Security and Privacy

Privacy Policy

We have a strict policy to keep members' information fully secure. We do not share any information of our members with third parties.

What are the password requirements?

To ensure member account remains secure, SnapsBoard requires its members to choose strong passwords.


How can I connect with friends on SnapsBoard?

You can find your friends or invite them to join SnapsBoard service by using the following steps:

1) Click on More tab (the last tab on the bottom menu).

2) Click on My Friends option.

3) Next page will display a list of all your friends who have joined you on SnapsBoard service.

4) You can invite your friends to join you on SnapsBoard service by clicking on 'Invite Social Contacts'. App will display you a list of email systems such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Hotmail. You can also send direct invites to email addresses of your friends.

5) If your friends have already joined SnapsBoard service, but not connected with you on SnapsBoard yet, you can find them by clicking on 'Find Friends on SnapsBoard' option.

Photo Organization

How can I move a picture from one album to another?

SnapsBoard app allows a picture to be added to any number of albums. Please use the following steps to move your pictures from one album to another:

A) If you are using SnapsBoard app on a phone or tablet:

1) Tap the picture on Snaps (Home) page.

2) Tap the top right corner menu icon. It will display a list of menu options.

3) Tap the menu option 'Add to Album'.

4) Next page will display a list of all your albums. Tap the album to which you want to copy your picture.

B) If you are using SnapsBoard app on a computer or laptop:

1) Click on the Home menu button.

2) Click on My Albums.

3) Select the album you want your picture to move to.

4) Select the picture in left side frame and click on the right arrow to copy the picture to the desired album.

C) If you want to remove picture from the previous album, use following steps:

1) Tap the Albums menu.

2) Tap the desired album.

3) Tap the picture you want to remove.

Please remember, removing a picture from an album just removes the selected picture from that album. App still retains your original picture in the master album and in other albums where you might have copied that picture to. It allows members to copy the same picture in different albums to either use them for different events or share them selectively with different set of people.

What is the SnapsBoard application?

1) SnapsBoard is a free photo/video management application available on major mobile devices and computers – iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, and Web.

2) Unlimited free storage: SnapsBoard app truly provides unlimited free storage. No photo or video files are compressed, ever. Compare with other apps that degrade the resolution of all photos or which are larger than 16MB.

3) Unmatched capabilities to organize photos & videos by events, groups, albums, creation date, upload date, location, and various other criteria.

4) Most secure app to gather (crowd-source) event photos & videos such as birthdays, school graduations, weddings.

5) The only app that allows simultaneous sharing of photos and videos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Gmail/Yahoo/Hotmail contacts, smart phone or tablet contacts, and mobile messaging.

6) The only app that provides same exceptional experience whether you are watching your photos/videos that are locally saved on iPhone, iPad, Android phone/tablet or saved with SnapsBoard service.

7) Enhance and decorate your photos with filters, frames, collages, emojis, stickers, text and many other widgets.

8) Enjoy photos/videos that are shared by members publicly.

More information on SnapsBoard app is available on our blog at


What languages SnapsBoard app is available in?

SnapsBoard app is available in following languages:

iPhone/iPad: Arabic, Chinese, English, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish

Android phones/tablets: Arabic, English, Spanish

SnapsBoard app by default uses the language that you set on your mobile device. For example, if language on your device is set to Arabic, SnapsBoard app will automatically operate in Arabic. If you want to use SnapsBoard in any specific language, please change the language setting on your mobile device. SnapsBoard app should automatically pick up that language.

Generally, the language setting change can be done in few seconds on most devices. If you need any assistance with the mobile device setting, please let us know the model, make, and OS version of your device. We would try our best to help you with that.

Why is my photo displaying in wrong orientation?

SnapsBoard automatically detects the orientation of your uploaded photos and videos and saves them with the correct orientation. However, when the meta-data of an uploaded photo or video is found missing, app is unable to detect and correct the orientation. So, if you see any of your photo displaying with incorrect orientation, you can simply click on photo edit option, change the orientation manually, and save the photo in SnapsBoard app.

I am uploading some photos and videos. Why does SnapsBoard app sometimes ask me to automatically fill some of the photo/video details such as title and description?

SnapsBoard is an intelligent app that can help in automatically organizing your photos/videos. It has capability to identify the photos and videos which may belong to the same event. When you upload any photos/videos, app can intelligently identify the event they may belong to based on the information of your previously uploaded photos/videos. It can save your significant time that you may otherwise spend in entering the photo/video details every time you upload any photos/videos.

I am downloading some of my photos and videos from SnapsBoard app. Where are the photos/videos downloaded on phones/tablets?

When you download a photo or video in SnapsBoard app, it is downloaded in SnapsBoard folder located in your phone's library.

1) If you are using Android device, SnapsBoard folder can be located under Gallery app.

2) If you are using iPhone or iPad, SnapsBoard can be located under Camera app.

3) If you are using SnapsBoard app on your computer, your downloaded photos/videos will be saved in the default directory set on your computer.

Please note that some of the Android phones do not display newly created folders under Gallery app immediately. You may have to power cycle (restart) your phone to see the new folder.

Can I set Home page to a different background color or image in web application?

SnapsBoard provides flexibility to set the background of Home page to any of your photos. Hover the mouse to the top left portion of the Home screen.

Use Cases

I have a daughter who is going to elementary school. Can I use SnapsBoard app to create a memory book for her by organizing photos and videos for various events that she plans to attend such as walk-around at the school, drama, music performances at local theater etc?

Absolutely, you can! You can sign up with the application on behalf of your daughter. Select the school your daughter goes to. Start uploading and organizing all her photos and videos. You can additionally invite other parents and create a group. There might be many events where parents will be taking photos and videos or their children where all the parents can share photos.

How can I use SnapsBoard to organize reunions of my ex-classmates?

Simply create a group and invite all your ex-classmates to join that group. You can then create an event for reunion within that group.

I am getting married. Can I use SnapsBoard to store my wedding photos/videos?

Congratulations! You can save and organize photos and videos of your entire wedding, right from planning to the honeymoon, in SnapsBoard.

You can also use SnapsBoard to gather (crowd-source) all your wedding photos and videos that your friends and family members may capture on their mobile phones or cameras. If you plan to take help of a professional photographer to shoot your wedding photos and videos, they can save those photos and videos in original resolution with SnapsBoard. You, your family members, and friends can start enjoying the original resolution photos and videos on a device of their choice as soon as the photos and videos are uploaded to SnapsBoard.

PS: Many professional photographers edit the original photos and videos before they hand them over to you. You may, unknowingly, end up losing your original resolution photos/videos for good. Be sure to request your photographer to provide you a copy of your original photos/videos without any modifications.

Can I use SnapsBoard app to save photos/videos of my school events?

You can use SnapsBoard app to organize any event at your school or college such as walk-around, sports, dance, home-coming, graduation, etc. All the event participants would also be able to upload their event photos and videos to SnapsBoard. Everyone's photos and videos will be available in one place for all the members to enjoy.

Can I order prints of my photos?

Yes, SnapsBoard provides two options for you to order photo prints.

Note: We are able to ship the photo prints within United States only at this time.

1) You can place print orders in sizes 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, and 8x12 directly with SnapsBoard and enjoy the lowest print prices and shipping charges. Remember 4x6 photo prints are free. Members pay only for shipping and handling.

2) SnapsBoard app has been integrated with Walgreens Photo Prints. You can order photo prints within SnapsBoard app to your local Walgreens store for pick up. Remember to use coupon code SNAP40 to avail 40% discount available for SnapsBoard members. This coupon code is valid only within SnapsBoard app.

How do we ensure no one shares any inappropriate photos or videos in the application?

App has a feature that allows any user to flag any photo or video as inappropriate. Once a user flags a photo or video as inappropriate, SnapsBoard application automatically takes that photo offline until that photo is reviewed by our Administrators for appropriate actions.

Where is this application hosted?

SnapsBoard service is hosted in world's premier cloud infrastructure in the United States.

Who are the people behind creating this application?

Founders of this application have decades of experience in building social and enterprise applications at some of the world's largest and prominent companies based in silicon valley. We have international teams working to build this revolutionary and innovative application for you.

How can I send you my questions or suggestions?

We would be glad to answer any questions that you may have. We would greatly appreciate your suggestions that may help in making SnapsBoard service better for our members. If you have any questions or suggestions for us, please send them to us via Contact Us form. We strive to reply emails within 24 hours.

We truly believe that SnapsBoard application will provide you a new refreshing and distinct experience in watching your photos and videos.

Please enjoy SnapsBoard service!