Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About SnapsBoard Application

Why was SnapsBoard application created?

In the past several years we personally experienced how our family members were losing access or track of their photos and videos that they snapped at various family events and in schools. Generally, most of the photos and videos that are taken at birthdays, weddings, graduation ceremonies at schools, proms, sport events, club events, walk-arounds, and many other events end up getting scattered pretty fast among a variety of photo management applications. Fractions of them get shared through commonly available social networks or emails. None of the applications and social networking sites provides a complete solution to save original resolution photos & videos, organize them as you want, and flexibility in sharing them with your friends and families. Frustrated with these problems, we decided to create SnapsBoard application with the guiding principle of 'Never Lose a Photo'. SnapsBoard app provides a one-stop solution to save original resolution photos & videos with unmatched organization and watching capabilities, and options to share on a large number of social media networks, via mobile messaging or emails.

What is the process to sign up with SnapsBoard application?

  1. All 13 years or older are invited to join SnapsBoard service.
  2. You can either create an account directly with SnapsBoard or sign up using your Facebook account. SnapsBoard does not see or store your Facebook account password.
  3. Signing up with SnapsBoard generally takes less than 90 seconds, which is fastest among the commonly available social networking applications. You may be required to enter a valid email address, birth date, zip code/postal code or country/state/city names, and your circle or school name.

We have pre-populated a list of 133 thousand US schools and colleges in our application. If you are creating a student profile, you just have to simply select your school or college in the application. If you don't find your school/college on our list, application has capability to add your school/college during sign-up process.

Can you suggest some use cases of SnapsBoard?

SnapsBoard app has been created to enable everyone to save and organize memories of their each and every life moment that is captured in photos and videos. Our members are constantly finding new areas to use SnapsBoard app. Following are some of the use cases that our members are using SnapsBoard for:

  1. Simply upload your photos and videos to SnapsBoard service and enjoy watching them across a variety of mobile devices and browsers on your laptop or desktop. If you like, you can share your photos and videos with your friends on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+. You can even share your photos and videos with your contacts on your mobile devices via messaging or email.
  2. If you are a parent, you can start organizing photos and videos of your child and create memory book. You can continue to organize those photos and videos by events as your child grows up and advances through the schools and beyond.
  3. Getting married? Congratulations! You can save and organize photos and videos of your entire wedding right from planning to the honeymoon with SnapsBoard. You can use SnapsBoard to gather (crowd-source) all your wedding photos and videos that your friends and family members may capture on their mobile phones or cameras. If you plan to take help of a professional photographer to shoot your wedding photos and videos, they can save those photos and videos in original resolution with SnapsBoard. You, your family members, and friends can start enjoying the original resolution photos and videos on a device of their choice as soon as the photos and videos are uploaded to SnapsBoard.
    There is no other application on the planet that provides you the security and control comparable to SnapsBoard. We mean it!
  4. Are you fond of taking selfies? Take a selfie everyday and save the originals with SnapsBoard. Watch all your old selfies side by side and see how your look has been evolving over that period of time.
  5. Take photos of family or friends at periodic reunions or events. Watch all the old photos side by side and see how the looks of your family members or friends have evolved over a period of time.
  6. If you are a student, you can use SnapsBoard to organize any event at your school or college such as walk-around, sports, dance, home-coming, graduation, etc. All the event participants can upload their event photos and videos to SnapsBoard. Everyone's photos and videos will be available in one place for all the members to enjoy.
  7. Organize class reunions with your present or past school or college friends. Simply create a group of friends and an event. Send invites to everyone right from SnapsBoard app.
  8. You have large collection of photos and videos, but do not want to store all of them on public social networking sites. You have a solution now. Use SnapsBoard to store all your original resolution photos and videos. Share them selectively from SnapsBoard as you like on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or Google+. Please let us know if you happen to find SnapsBoard useful for any of your specific needs. We would be glad to document it here for the benefit of our other members.

How do we ensure no one shares any inappropriate photos or videos in the application?

App has a feature that allows any user to flag any photo or video as inappropriate. Once a user flags a photo or video as inappropriate, SnapsBoard application automatically takes that photo offline until that photo is reviewed by our Administrators for appropriate actions.

Where is SnapsBoard application hosted?

SnapsBoard service is hosted in world's premier cloud infrastructure in the United States.

Who are the people behind creating this application?

SnapsBoard app has been created by a team who has decades of experience in building social and enterprise applications at some of the world's largest and prominent companies based in silicon valley. We have international teams working to build this revolutionary and innovative application for you.

How can I send you my questions or suggestions?

We would be glad to answer any questions that you may have. We would greatly appreciate your suggestions that may help in making SnapsBoard service better for our members. If you have any questions or suggestions for us, please send them to us via Contact Us form. We strive to reply emails within 24 hours.

We truly believe that SnapsBoard application will provide you a new refreshing and distinct experience in watching your photos and videos.

Please enjoy SnapsBoard service!